Signs of Dementia

    • Lack of sleep (sleeping acts to clear your brain). With no sleep your brain can't perform its functions.
    • Hearing loss, without noticing people are addressing you, the feeling of isolation will grow in you.
    • Lack of socialization, either by going out with friends or checking in with an elderly neighbor, will make your brain slow down, try out this Sudoku puzzle to help keep your mind working.
  • Poor or no physical activity, when you exercise your brain produces vitamins, instead of spending your days just watching TV go out for a brisk walk.
  • Poor eating habits also will prevent you from obtaining a healthy body and mind. Nutrients, vitamins, good fat, and drinking water also help to keep Dementia away.
  • The most important thing to know is Dementia and mental health are not specifically an old person's disease. It does not matter if you never did any of those things when you were younger, just start doing them now.