Ageism is…

If you take the dictionary version, you will find something along the lines: prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age.

But it is much more than just that. Ageism is when an older women or men thinks its cool to “hang” with people that actually much younger them they are.

Ageism is when a fifty or eighty something person thinks that they can befriend someone else in their twenties.

I have written about ageism before, my blog was not what really was about work place discrimination, I like many thought that would not happened to me, quite frankly it hasn’t been, but I know its there, specially in my case, I worked in New York city, so yet it’s out there.

I have for the second time decided to let my gray hair grow, so I am expecting few unflared comments about how my gray hair ages me.

Ageism is when an older adult does not want to know that it is time to change doctors from a primary physician to a geriatric doctor.

Ageism is when you think you are one of the twenty something and you all are just BFF.

Ageism is you will not accept your own age.

Ageism is thinking that because you are younger you have all.

Ageism is when you won’t accept your getting olde.

Ageism is within us, like racial discrimination.

Ageism is when you are in good health and others think you are a showoff, good body, good health and on and on.

Ageism is when others think you should not use certain types of clothing, make-up, shoes and on and on.

Ageism is when whatever you do, wear, buy, drive make another feel uncomfortable with.

Ageism and worked force were a blog published in December/21

Ageism and Work-Forced